18 Parameters for a Good Backlink Checklist

Every digital marketer looks for traffic and good traffic depends on good backlinks.

There are several ways of driving traffic to your website, such as SEO, SEM, Display Ads, and Affiliates etc. But which way is the best in terms of cost effectiveness and dependability?

I guess you also said that it’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a continuous process of adapting your content and building links as per visitor’s need.

So SEO has mainly two parts: good content and good backlinks. You enjoy full control of your content but the good backlinks reside on other’s website. So that’s tough to build.

Still you cannot just build content randomly. Neither can you purchase backlinks from markets.

Most of the automated backlinks are short lived, full of spam and least effective in long run. So you need to hire a professional SEO specialist or learn how to build links that is effective.

I have researched several resources and made a checklist of a good backlist. There are 25 parameters for a Good Backlink checklist.

  1. Text link is better than any other types of backlinks. Image links are not bad but that helps on image search. Has keywords
  2. The link should be on indexed page. If the referrer domain or page is not indexed there is no meaning of having backlink at such page.
  3. It should come from relevant site. Relevancy is a key metrics in almost every arena of Digital Marketing.
  4. It’s better to have backlinks from high PR site. That will give you better SEO juice.
  5. Links from any trusted or popular sites will also increase your domain authority.
  6. There could be irrelevant articles on a relevant domain. But you need backlinks only within related paragraph.
  7. If you could get thousands of backlinks from one domain then everyone would build that single referrer domain and get as many backlinks as he or she needs. So your backlinks should come from variety of sites.
  8. Many people just assign a SEO specialist to build links. But remember the good backlinks should come from variety of persona.
  9. Good backlink is a Do-follow link
  10. If your site is listed in related government listing that shows that your organization is not just another one, it has occupied space in government.
  11. In research or journals only the valuable resources are referred. So that makes a good backlink.
  12. The good link should have positive description about your page.
  13. There are various channels for digital marketers. Good backlinks come from wide variety of channels like blogs, bookmarking sites, social media etc.
  14. Newspapers holds mostly the current information. If you can secure backlinks from newspapers maybe as press release, articles, news etc. then it shows that your website holds important news about current time.
  15. Once upon a time everyone used to say local directories are garbage. But links from local directories proves that you have presence in your locality.
  16. The most spam links come from article comments as those are easy to get. But backlinks from blog articles describing relevant content provides good backlink.
  17. Most of the social media provides no-follow backlinks. Still those backlinks from social media shares helps SEO with social signal. Specially links from Google Plus, LinkedIn, Digg and Twitter are good backlinks.
  18. Sites like Quora, Slide Share etc. can provide good contextual links from Relevant posts


I use this checklist to make my link building plan and I regularly follow up during execution.

There might be some other parameters of a good backlink. Please share your thought in comments.

Kalpataru Biswas

I am a Marketing Manager specialized on digital media. I am experienced in Content, Search & Social Media Marketing as well as Digital Advertising. I have worked for eCommerce and IoT products. Analysis is the backbone of planning and executing. I am expert in Google Analytics, SQL, Access and Excel for making data driven decision.

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