I am Kalpo and this is my blog.

Being a Marketing Manager my specialization is on digital media. I have experience in Content, Search & Social Media Marketing as well as Digital Advertising.

I have more than 7 years experience in driving revenue through data driven digital marketing, team building and distribution development.

Analysis is the backbone of planning and executing. Besides that, this is the age of big data. I enjoy Google Analytics, SQL, MS Access and MS Excel for making data driven decision.

I also have 3 years experience in managing sales and distribution of multinational companies. My sales and distribution experiences strengthen my business analysis for designing and managing effective and efficient campaigns to achieve business goals.

I love data analysis and digital marketing. So I keep exploring on big data, marketing, branding etc. Definitely, sharing is caring. I share my learning, thoughts, opinions, analysis etc. in this blog.

Therefore I hope some people will get benefited from the blog. Please stay tuned and don’t hesitate to share your opinions.