Best Android App for Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift. The first time you know that you are going to be mom or dad is very memorable moment in entire life. It begins a new era in parent’s life. But the happy news comes with lots of questions, confusions, challenges and prejudices. Having best app for pregnancy helps a lot throughout the journey of being parent.

There are many android apps for pregnancy which can help you a lot. But finding the best app takes much time and testing. After testing some apps I found the best one and another (better) one.

Best Android App for Pregnancy:

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown Calendar

Ovia is my most favorite app for pregnancy. It’s like my guide to the whole new world of parenting. Ovia tells you what is normal and expected in each day of pregnancy. You can find out unusual symptoms and take precautions.
The daily update on what is normal and how to face the pregnancy symptoms are most favorite to me. Each morning, I check the updates and feel more strong connection to the baby.

The calendar and weekly article also make me well-organized. I can plan for weekly shopping for fruits and vegetables as per the needs of baby and the mother. My wife feels more confident to face to new symptoms that might arise in coming week.

Simply, Ovia has all the information you need within a pregnancy app.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is also available in iOS.

There is another app for pregnancy, the second best, that complements few areas where Ovia app has weaknesses, that one is by Baby Center.

Pregnancy Tracker & Countdown to Baby Due Date:

I like the Baby Center for its huge resource of articles, ideas, community and its Tracker app.

Baby Center also have day wise tracker. But the main resource is their article base. You can get articles on almost all related issues.

Moreover, the videos of Baby Center are so good.

All the information provided by Ovia or Baby Center apps for pregnancy are approved by doctors.

First Help for Pregnancy:

Though the apps help a lot, the First help for pregnancy should be the doctor or other medical care giver. Wherever and however the going-to-be Mom is, you should understand that every pregnancy is different. So compare yourself to your kin or neighbor. You might have different scenario within your bodily ingredients, who knows! Only a doctor can check you and make you prepared for birth.

So, obviously doctors or any other medical care giver comes first for help in Pregnancy.

Second Help for Pregnancy:

Mother or Mother-in-law could be your best second-in-help. They are experienced and knows lots of tips and tricks that could be of great help.

What can help you a lot during pregnancy are

  • what to expect and when to expect
  • what to eat or not for better pregnancy
  • what to do or avoid

Now-a-days online community of mothers and going-to-be mothers are not uncommon. You can search for help in those forums.

I wish all the best of your parenting. Please share your ideas in comment.

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