How To Do SEO for News Website: 11 Ways

News Websites are not similar to general websites. SEO for news websites is also different from SEO of regular websites. When regular websites rely on relatively static content, news sites depends on stories which live 2 days at max.

Here is a list of 11 ways of doing SEO for news website.

Doing SEO for News Websites:

  1. XML Sitemap

Create XML sitemaps for quick crawling and indexing. Sitemap contains news from the last 2 days only. Don’t make new sitemaps regularly. Rather update the sitemap with contents from last 2 days.

There is a Yoast plugin for making XML sitemap for news websites.

  1. Page Load Time

Make AMP ready website. Page lead time is most crucial for news sites. Readers won’t come back to a slow sites. So make your website Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) ready.

There is a WordPress Plugin for making your AMP website.

  1. Content Quality

Content is the only value that added by the news site to the readers. So you have to write well structured, grammatically corrected and error free content. Write fresh and unique contents.

  1. Google News Publisher Center

Verify ownership of your site with Google Search Console. Then apply for your site’s inclusion on Google News Publisher Center. Review and update your news site details. Keep your settings updated at News Publisher center.

  1. Keyword Research

Find out good keywords for your search engine optimization. There could be many types of keywords. For example:

  • generic keywords, such as “Bangladesh News”,
  • branded keywords, such as “your_domain_name news”, and
  • trendy keywords of current news trends, such as “world cup news”

Optimize your articles, homepage etc. with the chosen keywords.

  1. On Page SEO

Optimize Title tag, Header tags, meta descriptions, internal links etc. with proper keywords density. Never write for the machine. Rather write for your readers.

  1. Backlinks Building

Build contextual links using different types of backlink building strategies. For example, submit your profile, comments on blogs, participate on forums etc. Quality is more important than number of backlinks.

  1. Crawl Speed

If Google bot finds new stuff on your website with every crawl, it’ll come to your website more often. So post fresh contents to increase crawl speed.

  1. Category & Tags Pages

Category and Tags pages are the only pages which always stay on your site. Optimize these taxonomy pages with your best effort. Run all sorts of SEO activities.

  1. Use “Standout” and “News_keywords” tags

The standout tag is used to show the “featured” news results. On the other hand Google is uses meta news_keywords tag for Google News stories to find out the main keywords.

  1. Link Structure

Use human readable URL for your news site. But include date in the URL so that Google and reader both can identify the news origination time. You should avoid post ID in URL, rather include proper title in URL.


There goes the 11 ways of doing Search Engine Optimization for any News based website. Start optimizing your site and share your comments here.


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