Opportunities & Threats of Private University Industry of Bangladesh

Private university industry of Bangladesh experienced a boom within first 20 years as the rise of universities accelerated. In 2013, the total number of private universities was 79, with 10 new private universities waiting for approval from government in 2014.

Opportunities of  private university industry of Bangladesh

  1. Due to political instability private universities have better image than public universities
  2. Public universities cannot fulfill the demand of higher education
  3. In order to get social recognition, top most business entrepreneurs becoming interested to be the members of the Board of Trustees. As a result donors’ donation can be utilized in quality improvement of various sectors
  4. Most of the private universities are in commercial area
  5. Most of the private universities have less number of full-time faculties
  6. Education standard of private universities is increasing
  7. Projects and assignment assigned to the students are more practical and realistic
  8. Course Curriculum of private universities is now comparable to the western world
  9. The qualification of faculty members of private universities is almost similar of foreign instructors. Since most of the local faculty members are graduated from the reputed overseas universities.
  10. Private university management allocate substantial amount for research grant, which is utilized by the universities.


Threats of private university industry of Bangladesh

  1. Tuition fees of public universities are 10 times lower than the private universities’ tuition fees
  2. Public universities have their own playing grounds and other recreation facilities
  3. Government imposes rules against introducing new departments in private universities
  4. Investments by the donors are no longer tax-free. It may reduce the amount of donation
  5. Still private universities have a reputation of profit-making entity rather than non-profitable image
  6. The target student of the private universities is still very small
  7. Most of the private universities don’t have their own campus
  8. Any group of entrepreneur could jointly open a private university
  9. Government does not provide any financial grant to a private universities

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