PEST Analysis on Private University Industry of Bangladesh

Private universities of Bangladesh started functioning in 1992. The industry has gone through continuous growth over the period. Many new organizations came forward with new universities. Political, Economic, Social & Technological analysis of the industry is described here.

Political and Legal Environment

Political leaders for their own benefit sometime exploit the students. Public universities’ students are the target group of political leaders. Those universities are so much politicized that for example, exams cannot occur in time. The student cannot pass their exam in time. In this aspect private universities are in much better truly they don’t have any external political influence. This one of main reasons that the students are becoming interested for private university day by day.

Economic Environment

To set up a private university a big amount of money should be deposited to the government fund. And private universities are fully dependent the donor’s donation and the money from the student enrollment. They do not get any assistance from the government.

Tuition fees are in private universities extremely higher. In a public university one can complete the bachelor degree only for BDT 30,000 while private universities require BDT 400,000 to have a bachelor degree, which is beyond the reach of most of the Bangladeshi people.

Social Environment

In Bangladesh most students are interested to going abroad so that they can get better opportunity from every respect. Studying in a private university they can transfer their credits easily to the foreign universities as the private universities are designing their courses by following the syllabus from the renowned international universities. As the public universities are extremely politicized the students cannot obtain their degree on time which causes crisis for their employment as per the rule of the Bangladesh government nobody can apply for the government service after the age of thirty and it causes unemployment.

Technological Environment

Technology is changing everything. Same is happening in Education Industry. Multimedia Classroom has become a buzzword. Private Universities need to be more technology oriented. Technology also opens new product opportunity like, online courses, distance learning etc.

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